A location is a place at which you can complete a checklists. It might be a restaurant, a hotel room or even a vehicle. You may have been granted access to more than one location if you have a certain job role such as an area manager. Or you may have been given access to a test location where you can practice the checklists. In any case, it's important to check which location is currently selected, and to know how to switch locations.

To check your selected location:

  • Return to the Checklist Modules screen.
  • Your selected location is listed at the top of the screen

To change your locations:

  • From the checklist modules screen, tap the Side Bar button (3 lines icon) in the top left corner.
  • The current location is shown in the panel underneath your name.
  • Tap the Change to the right hand side on the current location.
  • Select an option from:
    • Recent locations (the last 5 locations you have used)
    • In Progress locations (a location at which you have checklists in progress)
    • All locations
      • Scroll through the list or search for a location using the Search field at the top of the screen.


Always check your location before commencing a checklist. Once a checklist has been recorded against a location, it cannot be moved or removed.